Six-year-old saved by air ambulance becomes ambassador for its charity

Olympian Louis Smith

Now the six-year-old is an official Young Ambassador for the Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS), a group of young people that are tasked with raising awareness and inspiring support for the charity.

Following serious injuries sustained in a traffic accident when he was just two, the Air Ambulance was able to get the young boy to the Major Trauma Centre at King’s College Hospital, London.

Following 24 hours in intensive care and surgery, Isaac stayed in hospital for 12 days.

Ever since, he and his mother have been telling his story to inspire people to donate to KSS’s work, and now the charity has brought him aboard as a Young Ambassador.

“I like being a KSS Young Ambassador as I want to help to raise money for the air ambulance so that they can help and save more people like me as they saved me when I got hurt,” he said.

“Thankfully, Isaac doesn’t remember the crash anymore, but he knows how much KSS helped him and understands what the charity does for people. We always wave and say thank you when we see the helicopters flying past,” added his mother, Olivia.

Charitable donations account for 86 per cent of the £15.2million annual cost of the service, according to KSS community fundraiser Sarita Taneja, adding that 2021 was the busiest year in the charity’s 32-year history, with over 3,000 missions flown.

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