Sevenoaks District Council secures over £1.2m to fund local projects

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Local projects have been given over £1.2m worth of investment helping to improve the District, after Sevenoaks District Council secured the funds from developers.

The funding was agreed at a Cabinet meeting on 7 June with seven different projects across the District gaining support from the Council.

Larger investment projects included over £1m to improve both Swanley and Bat and Ball railway stations, seeing improvements such as cycle spaces, better signage and increased foot pathing as well as £101,365 to improve the standard of the Darent Valley Path.

This project would see a transport corridor through the Darent Valley, providing an alternative to car journeys for both visitors and residents, making further provision for cyclists to use the path or an alternative parallel route, as well as enhancing routes to local train stations to encourage sustainable travel.

Other projects included £100,000 to replace the current Sevenoaks Day Centre Nursery building and £29,000 for the Upper Darent Flood Alleviation Scheme to reduce the risk of flooding along the A25 corridor.

Over £18,000 was also allocated to rebuild Westerham town centre public toilets, including a unisex disabled toilet and baby changing facilities, whilst £3000 was given to renovate Four Elms playground, bringing in new play equipment, seating and bins.

Sevenoaks District Council Portfolio Holder for Planning, Cllr Robert Piper, says: ‘We’re very happy we have been able to secure this money to support such a diverse range of projects ranging from improving local railway stations, to renovating public toilets and children’s playgrounds.

‘This funding is going to finance some very important projects to improve the lives of our residents across our District which otherwise may never have been able to get the green light.

‘We look forward to seeing these projects benefitting our residents over the coming years.’

Sevenoaks District Council Portfolio Holder for Economic Development, Cllr Roddy Hogarth, also added: ‘This is another example of how the Council is key to enabling Economic and Community Development by supporting the priorities set by local needs, in line with the Council’s official EcoDev Strategy.”

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