Prosecution drops the case against lorry driver in Southborough crash

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The driver whose HGV was involved in Southborough’s 13-car pileup last year will not face prosecution. No one was seriously hurt.

Mariusz Sudol was arrested in April after the accident and charged with two offences of dangerous driving and one of failing to stop.

However, in June Maidstone Crown Court was told that Mr Sudol, 34, had suffered ‘a medical episode of some sort’ at the time of the incident.

Last month, the prosecution confirmed a medical report had concluded the Polish driver, who lives in Nothfleet, had suffered seizures as a result of hyperglycaemia or epilepsy, or both.

This provided a defence of ‘non-insane automatism’, meaning his actions were classed as involuntary, leaving three sentencing options possible; a hospital order, supervision or an absolute discharge.

Danny Moore, for the prosecution, said the findings left a question mark over whether or not the case was in the public interest.

Last week the prosecution said they proposed to offer no evidence against the driver but could not do so due to a technicality stemming from the fact he had so far not entered any pleas to the charges.

The case has been adjourned until Friday when Mr Sudol is expected to deny the charges and a not guilty verdict will be entered.

Since the incident Mr Sudol has had his driving licence revoked by the DVLA and will not see it returned until he is certified as fit.

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