Primary schools might soon be able to coach pupils

Pam Mills

Kent County Council [KCC] Leader Paul Carter has indicated he would support such a move.
The Conservative member has spoken about reversing the policy that prevents primaries tutoring Year 6 students towards the exams – which pupils need to pass to enter a grammar school.
KCC administers the tests and Cllr Roger Gough, its lead on education, has previously stated coaching was ‘not an appropriate approach’ towards the test.
KCC does not define coaching but has said using past papers for children to practise question styles would break guidelines.
Cllr Carter spoke out about levelling the playing field after BBC South East found nine out of ten fee-paying primary schools they investigated tutored pupils.
He told reporters: “Why shouldn’t state schools, as well as private schools, be able to coach?”
Cllr Carter added: “I think all schools should be helping and supporting those who have the ability to get into grammar schools. I think state schools should do all they can to help and support them towards the 11 plus, as well as the private schools.
“Why shouldn’t local schools help and support their pupils towards the 11 plus?”
His statement appeared to be an off-the-cuff response to questions and took others at County Hall by surprise.
There was some suggestion that it was more of a personal statement than the announcement of change of policy.
Any change would have to be agreed by the whole council, which is dominated by the Conservatives.

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