‘Harvest window’ yields a crowd for Pembury church

BIG IMPRESSION The Pembury Church window

A PAINTING in the style of Vincent van Gogh’s harvest landscapes has become an attraction in its own right at Pembury Baptist Church, thanks to artist Patrick Gillan.

Mr Gillan, a Pembury Parish councillor, produced the canvas in the style of the Dutch painter for the harvest season, and had it reproduced at scale by a local business.

“My painting, done as a shout-out to Van Gogh is now installed, and is gathering interest in the village,” he told the Times.

“Green Hippo Large Print in Tunbridge Wells did a superb job enlarging it, and it’s quite an attraction.”

The canvas is on display in the church’s window in Romford Road, propped up with bales of hay to add some seasonal flair.

Although church harvest festivals have become a time for communities and congregations to gather donations of food for charity, it is always the season for gathering in at Pembury Baptist Church.

Its ‘Food Larder’ collects and discreetly distributes donations of non-perishable foods as well as baby nappies, all year round.

“As well as food we can also top up gas and electricity meter keys if needed,” said the Church.

For more information, or to offer or seek help, telephone the Church on 01892 825590 or email: office@pemburybaptistchurch.org

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