OPINION: Putting political careers before the public interest?

Talk is about it being knocked into the long grass. If that happens it means Tory Councillors, the majority of whom have supported the idea over the last few years, will have put their own political careers before what’s ‘best’ for the town. They’re worried about being voted out of office next year.

And the person who decided it would be in the ‘public interest’ of the town to go ahead with Calverley Square is the independent Planning Inspector. He headed the public inquiry and gave it the green light after sitting there for three weeks and listening to hundreds of hours of evidence from all sides.

There’s even Tory talk of a referendum; have the Conservatives learned nothing.

If the development is side-lined, and millions of pounds already spent on the project are wasted then voters should remember that at next year’s council elections.

Whatever happens tonight it’s a win-win for TW Alliance, the party that swept the Tories away at the recent elections.

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