But, like all towns, it now stands at a crossroads. Almost literally.

Rarely have town centres been under so much pressure. As shopping habits switch from the high street to online and local businesses disappear, there’s a real danger footfall will follow. The downward spiral of closures could lead to a skeletal and unwelcoming high street.

If our town centre is allowed to wither and die then it becomes difficult for businesses to attract, and more importantly retain, the talent needed to survive and thrive. That’s particularly true when it comes to younger people, who are the lifeblood of any successful community.

With London on our doorstep ‘keeping talent local’ can be a real challenge unless there’s a buzzing social scene covering a range of ages and families.

Happily, Tunbridge Wells is well positioned to bounce back with a number of exciting projects designed to enhance the town centre and make the borough an even more attractive place to live and work. These projects will help our town to buck the national trend.

This newspaper came into being almost four years ago to reflect the views and values of our community and to support local business. That’s why we have now launched a campaign called We Believe in Tunbridge Wells (WBTW).

The idea is to provide a focal point, and a voice, for all those who share our vision of a Tunbridge Wells that is rising to the challenge of continuing to be an attractive destination town; despite the changing retail and commercial landscapes.

The new initiative will highlight all that is positive about our town and is for businesses and organisations that are pro-Tunbridge-Wells. It’s aimed at people who believe in talking up the town rather than looking for any negatives.

Over the coming weeks and months the Times will be carrying a series of stories and features on all that’s best about Tunbridge Wells.

But to make this really effective we need your support. If you’re a business or organisation that believes in our town, that shares our views then you need to register your support. Simply email us at:

 Together we can…

Richard Moore

Editorial Director


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