Online con artist shows followers how to get away without paying for meals

The man who calls himself Digit Davis on Monday posted his latest stunt, in which he walked into a popular Tunbridge Wells hotel, ordered a  full English breakfast for himself and his girlfriend, then left without paying—and recorded the whole scam on his mobile phone.

The three minute video, shows ‘Digit Davis’ with his partner, as they pull up in a car to Salomons Hotel. The online prankster then boasts how they will get away without paying for the £30 meal: “We are going to into a hotel in the early morning and get a free breakfast.”

He explains in the video clip how easy the con trick is to pull off by saying how he will tell waiting staff that he is staying in a room at the hotel.

The social media con artist then walks into the hotel, tells staff he is staying in ‘room 106’, and then orders himself and girlfriend a big fry-up, which the pair soon polish off.

After finishing their free meal, the internet duo walk out, get back into their car before boasting to camera: “Mission complete. What a delicious breakfast that was.”

The clip has since been shared hundreds of times, and is among a number of controversial videos made by ‘Digit Davis’, a self-proclaimed rapper who claims on his Instagram page that he is ‘the guy that sneaked into Babestation [an online soft pornography channel].’

Numerous lewd videos adorn the Facebook page, as do references to drug taking and other stunts partaken by ‘Davis’ and his girlfriend.

A spokesperson for Salomons said: “We want other local businesses to be aware of the activities of this individual and his partner. They might think it funny and amusing but what they are doing is illegal, it’s theft.

“They have made it abundantly clear that they intend to target other hotels, shops and restaurants, some of whom may already be facing financial challenges without being deprived of income by this pair.

“If other people follow their example and rip-off businesses the loss of revenue could put jobs at risk.

“We have reported the matter to the police, and will expect them to be talking to these people. We look forward to seeing what action will be taken.”

A spokesman for Kent Police said: “We would encourage anybody to report any suspicious behaviour by calling us on: 01622 604100.”

The full identity of ‘Digit Davis’ is not known although he is said to be a well-known ‘character’ living in Southborough. His car compete with number plate can be clearly seen in his footage.

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