Oh deer, oh deer, oh deer…

Nusrat Ghani
STUCK IN A RUT: The roe deer caught in the fence in Vauxhall Lane

Rescuers had to free the panicked animal three times after it kept returning to the railings.

RSPCA Inspector Grace Harris-Bridge says she was called to a family home in Vauxhall Lane, Tunbridge Wells, last Thursday (September 9) after a local resident spotted the roe deer in the railings.

She said: “The little deer was stuck between the metal railings of a perimeter fence, but thankfully she was only little so I managed to carefully push her backwards through the gap.

“She was exhausted and unable to stand so I left her to rest for a few minutes. I covered her head with a blanket – which is a popular technique for calming deer down – but then, before I knew it, she leapt up and dashed off straight into another section of the fence, only to get stuck again.

“I rushed over to her and managed to squeeze her free again but she was even more distressed this time so she broke free from my grasp and darted off to another corner of the garden only to get stuck again.

“I couldn’t believe it.

“She was really panicked by now, and I didn’t want to take any further chances so I enlisted the help of a neighbour who very kindly kept hold of her head and neck while I freed her.

“With two pairs of hands we were able to keep hold of her to check her over for any injuries.”

The roe deer wasn’t injured so she was released into a neighbouring field.

“I didn’t want to risk her getting tangled in any other fencing or getting hurt so I scooped her up and carried her to a lovely field nearby,” Grace added.

“Although she was only a little thing she weighed a ton so I was exhausted when we got her to the long grass and set her down!

“It was really lovely to see her get on to her feet and prance off into the undergrowth there. Third time lucky!”

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