Middle Earth comes to Tunbridge Wells

FILM CREW A production company has set up in Langton Green

SCENES for the new season of Amazon’s prequel to Lord of the Rings are currently being shot in Tunbridge Wells.

A production company set up in Hollands Farm near to the Hare pub in Langton Green this week.

Film crews have been spotted in the Common, filming around Harrison’s Rocks, as well as in Groombridge on the East Sussex border.

While the production team remained tight-lipped when the Times paid them a visit on Monday, it is understood they are shooting scenes are for the second season of the streaming services’ The Rings of Power.

The Amazon show outlines how the eponymous ring in Tolkein’s books came to be forged in Middle Earth and follows the rise of Sauron – the villain in Lord of the Rings.

While much of the first season was filmed in New Zealand, showrunners visited the area while scouting for additional filming locations in June this year.

Amazon has not revealed the release date for Season 2 of Rings of Power, but TV insiders say they expect the show to air at some point in 2024.

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