Maslins learn CPR while backing BHF

Maslins learn CPR while backing BHF
The Maslins team

The charity provides free life-saving training to its volunteers, and to companies who offer financial backing.

Chris Maslin, the founder of the Camden Road firm, said: “We ask each staff member to choose a charity important to them, for the firm to make a monthly donation to on their behalf.

“The training was a good excuse to get everyone together, and as part of our support we were delighted to accept the offer of CPR training for our team.”  

Kim Brophy, BHF’s Fundraising Manager, said: “Without the generosity and support of companies such as Maslins, we wouldn’t be able to fund life-saving research that will end the devastation caused by heart and circulatory disease once and for all.”

Heart and circulatory diseases affect around 190,000 people living in Kent alone, with around 4,200 people losing their lives to these conditions in the county each year.      

BHF invests £100million into research each year to tackle heart diseases, strokes and vascular dementia, along with risk factors including diabetes.      

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