Local lawyers brave the rain for annual 10km Legal Walk

Local lawyers brave the rain for annual 10km Legal Walk

Among the law firms who took part were Thomson, Snell & Passmore, Cripps Pemberton Greenish, Berry & Lamberts, Buss Murton Law, CooperBurnett, Loch Associates, Warners aand also the local Law Society.

Setting off from the offices of Law 365 in London Road at 5pm on May 11, the walkers started out wet, but were eventually rewarded with clearer skies and the chance to sit down.

Raising funds for Citizens Advice Tunbridge Wells and District (CATWD), the walk took the participants through Nevill Park, Calverley Grounds and Dunorlan Park, ending at The Old Auction House in The Pantiles.

Jennifer Jadia, acting chief officer of CATWD, who joined the walk with some of her colleagues, told the Times: “The walk went really well. 

“The weather was a bit temperamental, but it was really enjoyed by all.

“We had over 150 people join us in the end and as of earlier this week, we had £11,000 so far with the funds raised, but we are sure that this will increase even further.”

A spokesperson for Cripps Pemberton Greenish said the funds were ‘vital’ for CATWD.

She added: “The advice agency assists in preventing homelessness and exploitation, resolving debt problems and gaining care for the elderly and disabled. 

“In total, the walk has raised over £10,000 so far and we have exceeded our sponsorship target.”

Another law firm added that the total was still in flux because some firms might match a portion of sponsorship raised.

Based in Royal Victoria Place, CATWD helps local residents with legal, financial, employment and family issues.

Last year, the walk raised over £11,000.

The sponsored event was carried out under the umbrella of the London Legal Support Trust, an independent charity that raises funds for free legal advice services in London and the South East.

CATWD can be contacted by phone 01892 518 460 or email advice@catwd.org.uk


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