Kent tops list of most potholed roads

Kent tops list of most potholed roads
Kent road showing a dangerous pothole

According to a Freedom of Information request, the county tops the list as the place with the highest number of potholes reported on its roads each year.

Across the UK, nearly 600,000 potholes were reported between 2018 and 2020, with repairs costing £99million a year, according to data from 67 of the UK’s biggest councils and Highways England.

The most potholes were reported in Kent, with 52,245, followed by Staffordshire with 40,725 and Fife with 36,056, according to data obtained by comparison site GoCompare. 

The fewest were in the London boroughs of Hammersmith and Fulham with 141 and Royal Greenwich with 199

Potholes can cause damage from burst tyres to catastrophic impacts on suspension which may lead to a vehicle being written off. 

Kent County Council [KCC] said the data only shows the number of potholes that are reported to them and that many potholes are reported multiple times.

They also point out that the county, which has 5,500 miles of roads, has one of the largest road networks in Britain and KCC spent £10million on its annual ‘Pothole Blitz’ last year alone.

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