Jazz festival banners slashed

Around nine banners promoting the Jazz on the Pantiles festival have so far been cut to pieces. It is not known who is responsible.

The banners, situated in and around the Pantiles, including over guard railings on the road circumnavigating the shopping area, were erected last week and according to event organiser, Julian Leefe-Griffiths, were attacked last Thursday.

He said: “I spent all last weekend putting them up, and then on Thursday we saw that somebody had been going around with a Stanley Knife and cutting through them.”

And he claimed it isn’t just banners advertising the popular outdoor live music event that have been targeted either.

“I’ve noticed for the last few months that somebody had been going round cutting the corners from banners, including some from Hospice in the Weald and one advertising Legally Blonde at the theatre, and then last week all our banners were cut down,” he said.

Mr Leefe-Griffiths admits that he has no idea who might be attacking the adverts but believes it is somebody unhappy with the street advertising.

“I think it is just somebody miserable and angry who wants Tunbridge Wells to be stuck back in the 1950s.

“The annoying thing is the summer events like Jazz on the Pantiles are the lifeblood for businesses down here.”

He added that he is reporting the incident to the police.

Jazz on the Pantiles takes place every Thursday night from May 2 to 26 September.

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