Young people are invited to submit their imaginative entries on the theme of ‘Astounding Inventions’ to this year’s Heritage Open Days Photographic Competition for Students.

This is the third year of the Royal Tunbridge Wells Civic Society’s Heritage Open Days Photographic Competition for Students, which is free to enter and offers a series of generous prizes in two age categories, so it’s time for children aged between four and 13 to get their cameras or phones out to join in.

This year’s theme to follow is ‘Astounding Inventions’, and all students within the age groups who live in Tunbridge Wells borough are welcome to enter shots that reflect that theme. There will be prizes for winners and runners up in two entry groups.


Hungry Caterpillars Eating



Last year’s theme was ‘Edible England’ (as pictured here) and saw a range of imaginative entries and well-deserved winners.

During the festival, a gallery of images submitted by students will appear on the Heritage Open Days Facebook and other social media pages.

Explaining the idea behind the competition, Caroline Auckland, one of the local organisers, said: “All of the Heritage Open Day events are run by adults, and although many events are suitable for young people to attend we really want to encourage young people to contribute to local heritage appreciation.

“The photographic competition is always linked to the Heritage Open Day special theme, and as organisers we tend to have preconceived ideas about the entries we expect to receive, and are always delighted when we receive fresh, vibrant, creative presentations on the theme.

“Last year it was ‘Edible England’, and the class of 2021 produced images which told stories in multiple ways, whether in the framing or the reflective content. In some entries the focus on detail was thought-provoking and in others playful. The title and description of each submission added to the photographic context.

“We can’t wait to see the submissions for 2022 and anticipate a diverse range of images interpreting our local heritage. Above all, young people are invited to have fun interpreting this year’s theme.”