How to make your mark…

Robert Franck

will shape our country for generations. We give you the chance to question experts

will impact the number of officers on the streets. We provide the background to those standing

will decide how money is spent locally. We set out your choice of candidates

Today this newspaper publishes five pages devoted exclusively to three elections that will be taking place in the coming weeks.

And we are placing such an emphasis on them because each election is unique and in its own way will have a significant impact on our community. Rarely have three such occasions to vote come together at the same time and it is unlikely to happen again in our lifetime.

There’s the chance to change the face of Europe and beyond in the EU referendum on June 23. Before then, on May 5, there’s the opportunity to elect a new police chief for Kent, someone we will hold responsible for keeping our streets and homes safe.

Finally there’s the borough council elections, also on May 5, where a third of those who have power over elements of our lives across Tunbridge Wells will be chosen.

In this country it’s not compulsory to vote. But those who choose not to tick a box on a ballot paper can hardly claim the right to complain about the outcome or the consequences that follow.

That’s why the Times is playing its part in the democratic process by working with others to give readers access to the information they need to make considered decisions.

In association with The Discussion Forum we’ll be staging a live debate where you will be able to get answers from a panel of experts. We’ll also be putting readers’ questions direct to MPs Greg Clark (IN) and Nus Ghani (OUT).

Plus we’ll find out what the younger generation think from a debate and vote at Bennett Memorial School.

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