High Brooms play area closed off after shocking discovery

Pam Mills
The play area in Greggs Wood Road in Tunbridge Wells

The park is directly under electricity cables in Greggs Wood Road, Tunbridge Wells, and led provider UK Power Networks to investigate after the find earlier this month.

Suspect apparatus has been dismantled and removed, after two children reportedly experienced the odd sensations while playing.

Shaun Veness said his three-year-old daughter Poppy started crying and asked to be taken off a swing she was on.

He told reporters: “When I took her off the swing, I felt the chain: it wasn’t static, it was a running current. It felt like an electric cattle fence. My hair was on end all day.”

Poppy has now recovered, but the concern led UK Power Networks to investigate.  

The distributor said it had not found any fault in the power lines or nearby electricity sub-station.

Mr Veness added: “Poppy is okay and we’ve gone back since but it has fascinated me how this could happen.”

The play area is on an estate owned by Town & Country Housing.

A spokesman said the play area’s proximity to the power line would be examined.

“As there had not been any reports of issues previously, it seems to be as a result of unique weather conditions.

“We will work with UK Power Networks to redesign the equipment to mitigate potential risk in the future. We are investigating and are unable to speculate further until these investigations are complete.”

Electrical Safety First, a charity that works to prevent injury caused by electrical accidents, said: “This is not simply a case of static but of a possible live current running through the chains of these children’s swings.

“We are pleased to see the developer has since removed the swings, which sit very close to power cables.”

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