Heritage attraction springs to life with new business project

WATER WORKS: The revamped Chalybeate Spring

IN A restoration project designed to rejuvenate the town and promote a new business initiative, the waters of the historic Chalybeate Spring have started to flow once more, with a new fountain on The Pantiles, and the mineral water set to be bottled all year round.

The opening of Royal TW Spring Water on the Coronation weekend saw the refurbished Dippers’ Hall open for business in a ceremony attended by Town Crier John Scholes and ‘Dipper’ Liz Scholes.

A screen and a fountain complete the attraction for now, but new owner Samuel Danby added: “We run a theatre company and have lots of excited actors ready to get involved, along with original Dippers and the Town Crier to proclaim that the Royal Spring is officially open again.”

Paul Burnett, Asset Manager for The Pantiles’ owner Targetfollow Estates said: “The reopened Spring is a fantastic addition to The Pantiles and a great tourist attraction in the historic Bath Square.”

Following UV filtration and testing, it is understood the water will be diluted to 50 per cent strength and bottled in a range of flavours.

The first known user of the iron-rich Chalybeate Spring was Dudley, Lord North, 3rd Baron North, who had led a dissolute life.

Drinking from the spring after a heavy drinking session at the Abergavenny Estate at Eridge Park, he attributed his amazing ‘cure’ to the waters, spreading the news of his discovery and attracting other high-society visitors.

Despite the creation of ‘The Walks’ promenade to the well, a spa had little appeal during the English Civil War, so it was only after the Restoration in 1660 that development resumed.

Other historic users of the waters include Princess (later Queen) Victoria.

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