Have you got a question on the referendum you’d like answered?

Sean Holden

Tunbridge Wells MP Greg Clark and Wealden MP Nus Ghani have agreed to respond to questions from our readers. Mr Clark is in favour of remaining in the EU. Ms Ghani is in favour of coming out. Each will answer the same identical questions.

If you have a particular point you’d like them to respond to, then send us an email or letter setting out your question in no more than 40 words.

You may email us at: newsdesk@timesoftunbridgewells.co.uk

You may submit only one question. If it is more than 40 words long it might be edited or rejected. No correspondence will be entered into regarding any question or any answer. The Editor’s decision on what is published is final.

The closing date to receive questions is Tuesday March 29, 2016.

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