Greg Clark makes A21 election pledge

Greg Clark makes A21 election pledge

On Monday, the parliamentary candidate was joined by Conservative colleague, the Roads Minister Baroness Vere of Norbiton, as he outlined his plans to see the constituency’s main road become a dual carriageway between Pembury and Lamberhurst.

The former Business Secretary has branded the current road system ‘dangerous’ and convinced Baroness Vere to speak to Highways England about possible funding.

Mr Clark, who made a similar commitment to see the A21 dualled through Tonbridge when he was first elected MP in 2005, said: “Getting the Roads Minister to see for herself the A21 is a crucial part of my campaign to relieve the congestion, danger and pollution of the road between Pembury and Lamberhurst.

“I’m applying the same approach that was so successful in the dualling between Tonbridge and Pembury, and I’m delighted that the Minister has asked Highways England to consider the case for advancing funding to plan the works.”

But Labour candidate Antonio Weiss said that while the scheme ‘had some merits’ it was an ‘underwhelming election promise’.

He added: “The people of Tunbridge Wells should be getting much more from their MP, especially since for most of the past ten years his party has been in government.”

Liberal Democrat Ben Chapelard, said: “The Conservative candidate is not solving the issues that matter to constituents. His proposal just moves the traffic jam further down the road whilst Tunbridge Wells’ residents are left choking in toxic fumes.

“We need an integrated public plan for our town not just more expensive tarmac.”

Former MP denies shying away from Brexit

 Voters have accused Greg Clark of shying away from Brexit by making no mention of it in his campaign literature.

A number of people have taken to social media to note that Mr Clark, who has called Boris Johnson’s deal a ‘pragmatic, moderate compromise’, has omitted references to his EU position in his election leaflets.

One opposition campaigner said the former Business Secretary, who made headlines earlier in the year when he had the whip removed after voting on a bill to prevent No Deal, was ‘desperately avoiding questions’ on the subject.

A spokesman denied such claims saying Mr Clark’s position on Brexit is ‘in campaign leaflets arriving on people’s doorsteps in the next few days’.


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