Frontline campaigners give their final verdict as polls set to open

Husnara Begum

The town is on a knife edge as we head towards the biggest decision of a generation tomorrow, with both sides convinced they are on target to win the EU Referendum – in Tunbridge Wells and nationally.

Leave campaigner Thomas Pritchard said: “I am rather positive and believe the polls are all going the right way.

“I also know our social media management has been working, and I would ask people to watch Brexit the Movie. It’s on YouTube and it’s very informative.”

For the Remain campaign Husnara Begum said: “We have been on the stalls and we feel there has been a definite change.

“What I would say to the swing voters is that if you fear the unknown, then don’t wilfully send us into the unknown by voting to exit the EU.”

Both Mr Pritchard and Ms Begum have been working on their respective campaign stalls in Calverley Road shopping precinct.

Said Mr Pritchard: “My main reason for wanting to leave is sovereignty. Up to 75 per cent of British law is now made in Brussels and I think that’s disgraceful. We need to bring back democracy into our own sovereign Parliament. Quite a lot of people have stopped voting in elections now and I think that’s because of a lack of sovereignty.

“And obviously immigration is a big issue. It’s absolutely atrocious how we have an open door to 510 million people across the European Union.

“At the top of our passports it says European Union and anyone in the EU who has that on their passports has the right to come to this country, settle, work, use the NHS and use education – and I say ‘no’.”

Husnara Begum

Said Ms Begum: “The economy is really dependent on remaining and uncertainty would be created by a possible exit. Although a lot of people view that as an issue affecting City fat cats, I think a prosperous economy is what we need to ensure we have funding available for important services like the NHS and education.

“I think all these claims about the EU being a drain on the NHS are scaremongering and misleading because the issues with the NHS go far deeper and without a strong economy it would be on its knees.

“The EU is for everyone, and a buoyant economy feeds through to the hard-working people as well as the rich.

“I don’t think the EU is perfect as an institution, and I think sovereignty is one of our weakest points, but ultimately surely it is better to be part of it and try and change it from within.”

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