From driveways to a franchise for successful town Yard Sale

The Mead School in Tunbridge Wells gave a professional level performance in the  ISA drama contests

The organiser of Tunbridge Wells Yard Sale said the event is here to stay after thousands attended the second edition on Saturday [June 2].

Sunny weather attracted 130 stall holders to sell items outside their homes, in their gardens, garages or shops around the town.

Ingrid Pope was again behind the event, which she founded last year after seeing a similar idea in America.

‘I have been getting feedback and people have said they had a really fun time,’ she said. ‘There was a real buzz around the town.

‘It is hard to calculate how many got involved, but it must have been a couple of thousand people. It was more than last year as we got the word out further afield.’

Shoppers came from all over the county and could see where the stalls were on an online map.

Mrs Pope said a similar event is to launch next year in Crowborough on the back of the Tunbridge Wells success, and that the idea could be franchised.

‘I think we would be getting into trouble if we did not run it again,’ she added.

Staff at IMAGO charity shop in Monson Road were in for a surprise when squeaky-voiced TV star Joe Pasquale came to see the items at their Yard Sale.

The former Price is Right host was on a break from rehearsals for Some Mothers Do ‘Ave ‘Em, his comedy show at The Assembly Hall Theatre.

Mrs Pope said popular items among the bric-a-brac on sale around town included vases, children’s clothing and books.

Sellers typically made between £100 and £300 from the event, which ran from 10am to 4pm.

They had the option of keeping the money or giving it to a charity of their choice. Proceeds from various Yard Sales benefited the Tree of Hope charity.

Education charity Crowborough Foundation agreed to collect [and then use or sell on] any unsold items at the end of the day that sellers wanted rid of.

Mrs Pope runs de-cluttering service Creating Space Coaching and feels having a yard sale can also be an opportunity for residents to hold a much-needed clear out.

She continued: ‘We heard that everyone loves car boot sales but it can be a hurdle to get to a field so early.

‘This event offered an alternative. People were able to take their stuff outside their house, it is a far easier set-up.

‘There was a great sense of community as it allowed people to talk to their neighbours, which happens less now because of social media.

‘Kids just loved it as it taught them about buying and selling and also how to haggle.’

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