Frant road safety group makes urgent plea for traffic calming

ALARMING: Damage caused to a vehicle involved in a collision on Frant Road last December

A local community-led initiative is calling for ‘immediate traffic calming measures’ to be taken to make Frant Road and its surrounding streets, including Bayham Road, Birling Road and Broadwater Down, safer.

The proposed measures include a 20mph speed limit, speed bumps and mini-roundabout at the intersection between Frant and Bayham Road.

The initiative, co-founded by local residents Emma van Rooyen and Toni Gambonini, was sparked by an escalating and alarming series of traffic incidents on Frant Road.

Despite previous campaigns, such as the notable effort led by Angela Culley, former head of The Mead School in 2016, the pair believe the situation regarding traffic safety has not improved.

Co-founder Emma Van Rooyen told the Times: “Frant Road’s safety issues have been ignored for too long. Decades have passed with failed petitions, repeated accidents, and each time we’re told ‘speeding wasn’t involved.’

“This claim flies in the face of what those of us living here experience daily. It’s especially alarming considering the risk to our most vulnerable – our children and elderly residents.

“Schools surround the area, and every parent’s nightmare is a call about an accident involving their child. That’s the stark reality we’re trying to change.

“Teaming up with Councillor Becki Bruneau, we’re not just asking for action, we’re demanding it. For the safety of our children, for the peace of mind of every parent, and for the future of our community.

“It’s time for the authorities to move past denial and start protecting our kids, residents, pedestrians, cyclists and everyone who lives, works and shops in our neighbourhood.”

The petition has so far received 772 signatures, inching closer to the 1,000 needed to prompt a Tunbridge Wells council debate after engaging with Tunbridge Wells South Councillor Becki Bruneau.

To help build up their case, the community group is asking anyone affected by traffic issues on Frant Road to share their stories with them at

If you would like to find out more about the community initiative, visit: or you can view the petition at:

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