Fox cub nursed back to health after being trapped in sewer

Gary Jefferies

A FRIGHTENED, freezing fox cub that almost lost its life trapped in a sewer has been taken into care by a Pembury-based animal charity.

The Fox Project is looking after the cub, named Dinah, who was discovered in a Lewisham drain on April 24 when a member of the public heard her cries and alerted the fire service.

The cub, thought to be between four and five-weeks-old, was ‘frozen with fear and was very cold’ so the crew gave her some oxygen, then wrapped her in towels and blankets to warm her up.

She was later handed over to the RSPCA who then took her to the The Fox Project on Kings Toll Rd.

Trevor Williams, from the fox charity, said: “Dinah didn’t look good when she first came in, she was very cold and underweight. But she’s now doing okay.

“She’s regained a bit of energy and has begun to eat with some enthusiasm.

“Luckily, she doesn’t seem to have an underlying problems so our plan is to introduce her to a new ‘family’ group of cubs around a similar age over the coming days.”

Rescued foxes are, where possible, are released back into the wild once they have recovered.

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