Food bank is prepared for the worst

Food bank is prepared for the worst
Nourish Community Food Bank

Nourish Community Foodbank say not only do they have plenty of stocks for the coming weeks and months, but also have the capacity to take more referrals should the current situation push people into food poverty.

Dawn Stanford, Operations Manager at the foodbank, told the Times: “So far we are doing okay and have enough stocks of most things to last six months, but there’s a few items such as toilet rolls that will disappear much sooner.”

She added that the food bank, which provides around 63,000 meals each year to people in financial difficulties, has received an increase in donations as people become aware of the difficulties that current situation could bring.

“I think people have been making an extra effort as they realise things could change in the future.

“Obviously, if our volunteers are having to self-isolate that could affect us, but we are lucky in that we have 67 of them.

“One thing that I’m conscious of is that we may get an upturn in referrals. If people are forced to self-isolate and live off statuary sick pay, that could be enough to push people over the edge.”

But she continued: “We do have enough capacity to take perhaps another 50 referrals. So at the moment we are in good shape, but obviously, the situation is very fluid at the moment.”


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