Fire crews held up by terrible parking

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Poor parking could be putting lives at risk, according to Tunbridge Wells firefighters, and residents must ‘think carefully’ in order to avoid ‘devastating consequences’.

The complaint comes after the emergency service found itself being held up while responding to two emergency calls last month.

A fire engine called out to Brookfield Court had to reverse out on to a main road. Later that day another truck was held up by vehicles that were double-parked on Springfield Road in Southborough.

Crew manager Keith Ward said: “The main problems we are finding are in the narrower residential side streets where we are encountering vehicles that are parked on junctions, making it impossible for our fire appliance to turn, as well as vehicles that are double-parked, making the road too narrow for a fire engine to pass.

“We understand that parking can be tight and that people like to park as close as possible to their homes.

“But blocked roads are causing serious issues and it is worrying because, as we know, every second counts.”

“We are pleading with residents to have more consideration, and to think more carefully when they are parking about whether a fire engine, or any other emergency vehicle, could get through.

“Remember, we could be on our way to a life-threatening incident – we might even be trying to reach you – and any delay caused by poor parking could have devastating consequences.”

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