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A mum frustrated by the question of how best to get rid of her children’s old clothes has come up with a ‘fun, friendly and cost-effective’ answer. Naomi Nash is to launch a pre-owned items market at the Masonic Hall, St John’s Road, next month, where parents can buy and sell unwanted clothes, toys and equipment.

The 36-year-old said: “I was looking to sell some things my two children had outgrown, but wherever I looked there was nowhere to go.

“The cost of kitting kids out is so high these days, and they grow so quickly, they rarely use the things they have.


“We’ve got a beautiful rocking chair at home that we paid a lot of money for, yet if I took it to a boot fair I’d probably be haggled down to 50p.

“What do you do with those things? Stick them on eBay? Both eBay and PayPal charge you fees, and then you have to package the items, take them to the post office and pay for postage.

“For a parent, that all takes a lot of time and effort, and with little money left to show for it at the end.”

Mrs Nash decided to provide an alternative of her own, and last month signed up with market organiser Cheeki Monkeys to run a local branch for Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge.

She said: “I signed up last month, and next month I’ll be launching the first event in Tunbridge Wells.

“It will be almost like a table-top sale, with people paying £10 for a stall and then just bringing their stuff along to sell.

“Whatever they make, they keep 100 per cent of the takings. It’s a great place for local families to go and make some money while recycling their stuff.”

As well as face painting, balloon modelling and a music class, a photographer will be on site offering 10 minute pop-up photo sessions for families.

Mrs Nash said: “It will be around 80 per cent pre-loved clothes sales, 20 per cent crafts and other things.

“It’s mainly about putting something out there I don’t think our community has, and making it fun, friendly, cost-effective and supportive.

“I’m still trying to establish it, trying to get people to ‘like’ and ‘share’ it. Once it’s established I hope to attract advertising and be able to move to a bigger venue.

“I chose the Masonic Hall because it’s not so big that I have to sell hundreds of stalls, but it’s big enough to accommodate people coming in with buggies.

“I don’t think it will be that profitable, certainly not the first one, but it’s more about being there for families than making money.”

The market will be held in the St John’s Road hall from 10am to noon on Saturday, October 17. The event will then be monthly, alternating between Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells.

For more information or to book a stall, visit www.cheekimonkeys.co.uk

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