Commuter ‘assaulted’ and sworn at by ticket officer after asking for first aid

Tibi Moracvik, 45, was on his way to London when he fell off his bike just outside High Brooms station, so asked the ticket officer if he had a first aid kit.

He explained: “I was bleeding, so I went in, asked for a ticket to London but said ‘do you have a first aid kit?’”

Mr Moracvik, who works as both a massage therapist and a doorman was told by the Southeastern employee that the station did not have a first aid kit on site.

“But I said ‘surely you must have—isn’t it a legal requirement?’ but the man said ‘no’,” claimed Mr Moracvik, who lives and works in Tunbridge Wells.

He continued: “The man said to me, ‘go to hospital if you are hurt—why should I help you?’ And I replied, ‘because you are a human being’.”

He says this was when things turned nasty.

“He swore at me, telling me to f**k off, and then started calling me an idiot,” he explained.

As things progressed, Mr Moracvik decided he would begin filming the incident, but he claimed this did little to calm the ticketing officer.

“I refused to leave the station because I was bleeding so he assaulted me by pushing me out and swore again,” claimed Mr Moracvik.

Indeed, the video, which he posted to his Facebook page, shows the Southeastern worker clearly shoving the injured commuter out of the station while swearing at him.

Mr Moracvik, who takes the train from High Brooms to London at least once a week, added: “I have no idea why he reacted like this. I was polite throughout and just wanted a plaster. I know sometimes they can be grumpy, but this was completely uncalled for.

“It was ridiculous. There was a defibrillator on the wall, so I’m sure they had a first aid kit. I just do not know why he would not help me. It is just common decency.”

Following the incident he says he complained to the British Transport Police, who said they would investigate. He also reported the man to Southeastern.

A spokesman for Southeastern told the Times that while they cannot comment on staff matters they were ‘investigating the incident as a matter of urgency.’

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