Cinema at Royal Victoria Place ‘not ruled out’

Cinema at Royal Victoria Place 'not ruled out'

The shopping centre’s owners have told the Times ‘all options are being considered’ moving forward in terms of possible redevelopment.

The company recently announced they would not be pursuing a £70million project drawn up by previous owners Hermes to build new shops, a cinema and restaurants.

The Ely Court, Calverley Road and Camden Road corner had been earmarked for the expansion, but it will now not happen as originally planned in 2016.

Darren Richards, British Land’s Deputy Head of Retail, said on this decision: “Even the people who came up with the scheme did not eventually want to do it.

“I know that for a fact because they don’t own it any more. It would be odd for us, feeling we have one of the best teams in the country, having done this in lots of places, for us to pick up a scheme from someone else and say we are going to do it exactly the same.

“Time has moved on and this environment is rapidly changing. This scheme has not even started yet and it is already five years old. In terms of listening to what people want, we can’t tell that what the people wanted was a multiplex cinema.

“There was no brand attached, and when you are developing a cinema they are quite specialist developments and you need to have an operator.”

But British Land is to consult with shoppers on what they would like to see for future development.

Mr Richards said: “This is a place people should want to come whether that’s to eat, have a leisure activity or have a multiplex cinema for the development.”

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