Children taught to keep out of road trouble

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A children’s road safety project has taught more than 10,000 primary school pupils how to steer clear of trouble in just over a year.

Drive to Ensure, which operates from Salomons Estate, will have taught another 3,500 by Christmas. The initiative was launched for secondary schools in 2012 and expanded to primaries last year.

Programme manager Sarah Whelan said: “We can see up to 120 pupils a day, three days a week and sessions are tailored in length and content to the age of the children.”

Senior school students can be shown videos featuring parents who have lost children in road accidents, but they also take part in ‘fun, practical activities’

Miss Whelan added: “The aim is to make them road aware and to think about safety, preparing them for the next step, which is learning to drive and all that entails.”

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