Calverley’s comment: The rising price of bananas

Pam Mills

BEWARE of buying bananas at Waitrose.

Calverley is particularly partial to the fruit, which is why he popped into the supermarket. Fed up with throwing away unwanted bananas, he decided to buy just one. (Yes we know it looks that way, but he’s not really stingy.) Anyway, he used the scales next to the fruit and a stick-on label told him it would cost 12p.

Putting the shopping through the checkout, he noticed the banana was being charged at 35p. When queried, the helpful assistant advised him that single bananas were charged at 35p. He could not explain why there was not a notice on the display of fruit advising customers of the policy.

Calverley went back to the display and ended up buying three bananas for 37p. 

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