Budding F1 star is on a drive to find sponsors to keep racing dream alive

Budding F1 star is on a drive to find sponsors to keep racing dream alive

Toby McAllister-Brown started racing go-karts at the age of five, and after dominating junior leagues, scored seven race wins during a series of adult events at the Buckmore Park circuit, near Chatham in Kent earlier this year.

Toby is now set to race in the Buckmore Park Adult Championship 2022, Club100 Junior Championship 2022, Club73 Young Drivers Championship and is also hoping to enter the Sodi World Series to compete with go-kart drivers from around the globe.

The Beechwood School pupil wants to follow in the footsteps of his favourite F1 star, Sebastian Vettel, who began racing go-karts at a similar age before going on to become a four-time world champion.

Emily McAllister-Brown, Toby’s mother, told the Times: “I am so very proud of my son and all he is achieving, at school and on the track.

“Toby maybe clumsy at home but on the track he simply dances on tarmac.

“His dream is to be a British Champion Racing Driver, with the hope of being an F1 driver. Unfortunately, this career isn’t necessarily achieved through talent but through huge financial support. Many drivers have to pay or receive sponsorship to keep their drive alive.”

She added that Toby’s school has been highly supportive of his racing achievements.

Joshua Rowe, Head of Middle Division and PE at Beechwood School said: “We are so proud of Toby and all he is achieving with his karting endeavours. He works hard at school often diligently using his free time to keep up with his studies, without ever complaining.

“His enthusiasm and passion for the sport shines through in all he does, we hope that one day we will see him winning Grand Prix all over the world.”

Clinton Bell, Team Manager at Buckmore Park, which is where F1 champions Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button used to race, added that Toby was ‘one of the most passionate drivers to have raced under me. Very driven in his pursuit of success’.

Anybody keen to sponsor Toby can contact emily@mbdanceschool.co.uk

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