Brexit would lead to Tory ‘murders’

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David Cameron will be ousted in the event of a Brexit and face ‘murder’ within the Conservative Party even if he wins, warned the renowned political journalist and commentator Matthew Parris.

The former Conservative MP made the remarks while speaking at a sixth-form dinner at Benenden School last week.

He said that whichever way the vote went, the Prime Minister would endure a ‘tough time’ from his party.

The bitterness towards him from those campaigning for a Brexit means Cameron would struggle to hold his party together in the aftermath of a vote to stay in.

Mr Paris added: “There will be murder within the Conservative Party to get rid of Cameron as a revenge for winning the vote.”

On the allegations of ‘Project Fear’ – the accusations that the Remain side, in particular, are using scare tactics to win the referendum – he said: “Project Fear stops you falling off a cliff. It’s not necessarily wrong to warn people of the consequences that affect them.”

He was also critical of Boris Johnson’s credentials as a future Prime Minister and said he would prefer the Chancellor George Osborne to succeed Mr Cameron.

Perhaps his most controversial analysis was that Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, despite the largely negative media coverage he has received, stood a chance of winning the next General Election.

Benenden Headmistress Samantha Price said: “He was a marvellously entertaining speaker who was incredibly thought provoking and offered us first-hand insight into the fascinating world of politics.”

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