BMW’s better solution for used car market


Owning a BMW is a supposed to be a special experience – but you’d be forgiven for supposing it to be limited to a fortunate few. In fact, the increasing numbers of people buying through the marque’s approved used car programme suggests the opposite.

So that famous badge could be parked on your driveway for a lot less that you might think. But just because you’re paying less shouldn’t mean your ownership experience will be any different. Should it?


Approved Used BMWs are supposed to be prepared so immaculately that without the number plate and odometer reading, you’d have to be an expert to tell them apart from their new counterparts. The provision of unique, bespoke literature for every BMW Approved Used Car was an industry ‘?rst’ when the scheme was ?rst introduced.

Any car offered under the programme must pass a stringent multi-point inspection – which means that the advanced technology of the computerised diagnostic equipment available at every dealer is immediately put to work. There is a compression test on the engine, a detailed examination of the braking system and steering mechanism and a complete test of everything electrical.

As you can imagine, only the best-kept cars survive this examination. Those that do are then brought back to the condition they were in when they rolled off the production line. Any marks on the paint for example, are eliminated in keeping with the 46-stage original finish.

Then there are the little details that mean so much. Your dealer will have checked the tool kit and replaced any missing items (even though you’re unlikely to ever need it). Any marks on the upholstery will have been seen to; so will any potentially annoying squeaks and rattles (though on a BMW, these are understandably rare).

Plus of course, there’s the BMW Valet Service. This includes a professional vacuuming and brushing inside, then a wash and polish outside that leaves the car with the unmistakable aroma and shine of the showroom.

At the end of all this, any car of any age that meets the criteria will be awarded the BMW 12-month warranty, which just about as comprehensive as you’ll get from any manufacturer. This is an all-component warranty (even including the catalytic converter) and also covers consequential damage (caused by a warranted part failing and breaking a non-warranted item). Claims are unlimited by mileage and limited in value only by the price you paid for the car. The warranty even includes batteries and the exhaust system.

If there is a fault with your car within the first 30 days or 1,000 miles, the dealer will of course exchange it and cover the costs in doing so, providing a repair is impossible. The same exchange promise then applies to any subsequent car.


There are no age or mileage restrictions placed on cars offered under the scheme. However, very old cars are rare due to the exacting standards to which a BMW approved car must conform.

Your local BMW dealer ought to have a wide selection of Approved Used BMWs in stock, but if the particular model you’re after isn’t included, then don’t worry. They’ll ?nd it for you courtesy of the franchise’s own nationwide computerised dealer stock location system.


Buyers get the bene?t of BMW’s Emergency Service for twelve months, the marque’s own 24-hour breakdown and recovery service operating throughout the UK and Europe.

What’s it about? Well, you can sum that up in one easy phrase; ‘peace of mind’. The service has one simple aim; to make sure that you complete your journey – whatever happens. Should you breakdown and ?nd the car to be un?xable, BMW offers alternative travel arrangements within four hours of a breakdown; other manufacturers can make you wait for up to 24 hours.

There’s the option of hotel accommodation (up to £150 per person per night as long as you’re further than 50 miles from home), or a replacement car (for up to two days). There’s even medical insurance should you ever need it. Should you be involved in an accident, there’s also an accident management service available on BMW cars that will take care of negotiations with garages and insurers on your behalf.


The end result of all this is, as ‘Car Choice’ Magazine decided, that used BMWs are ‘amongst the best made and most reliable cars in the world’. It concluded: “Frankly, the not-new BMW car is one of the best-value motoring propositions going”.

It’s hard to disagree.

For more information visit your local BMW dealer, Cooper BMW, at Long?eld Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN2 3UE | | 01892 628120

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