Blind teen has podcast vision


After a brain tumour left Malachi blind at age two, he was not expected to live past the age of six. But now, at 15 years old, he is finding his way as a podcaster.

Although Malachi is not currently attending school (he is waiting for a funding decision to attend a specialist school for blind students) his world is opening up through the people he has been able to interview for his podcast.

Last week, the Times had the chance to turn the tables by interviewing Malachi during his daily visit to the Pickering Cancer Drop-in Centre in Tunbridge Wells.


You have done a number of interviews already, including one with the athlete and gold medallist Dame Kelly Holmes, and an upcoming interview with chef and presenter Rosemary Shrager. Who else would you like to interview in the future?

I’ve got a list of people I want to interview, including: the host of quiz show Tipping Point, Ben Shephard; This Morning presenter, Josie Gibson; singer, Jess Glynn and TV legend, Gloria Hunniford. I’m adding to the list all the time. I started with Ben Shepherd and now I have lots more. I’m interested in their message.


What is your message?

If you believe, you will achieve.


What do you hope to do next?

My next achievement will be to get some more podcasts out.


You are very connected to the Pickering Cancer Drop-In Centre, and Polly Taylor jokingly calls herself your manager. What do you do at the drop-in centre?

I’ve been connected to them for a long time. I’ve been going every day for the past five weeks now and have never missed a day. I’ve been building connections with all the other people.


How do you approach an interview? Do you come up with conversation starters first?

I did come up with some conversation starters.


This interview is being carried out over the phone, but do you generally interview
people over the phone or do face-to-face interviews?

Face-to-face. When I met Dame Kelly, it was face-to-face. Her handshake is lovely. She gives a good hug as well.


What are your plans for school?

I’m trying to get into New College Worcester (a residential school and college for young people of 11-19 who are blind or vision impaired) with funding from KCC (Kent County Council).


How soon would you be able to attend?

As soon as possible. As soon as I get funding! It is residential, but I can come home every weekend, or at least every month.


Find Malachi’s podcast, ‘Malakye Malavision’, on various podcast apps, or follow him on Instagram, Twitter and TikTok under the handle @malavision2023. If anyone can help him connect with some of the interviewees on his ‘bucket list’, he can be contacted at

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