Bird feeding scare is put to flight

Millie Masterson 2

Proposed council powers are ‘not there to stop people feeding birds’.

That was the message from the Tunbridge Wells authority that said that the action, which is part of its plans to tackle anti-social behaviour would only apply to people putting out excessive amounts of food in their garden.

The council decided to inform the public of its position after it feared its original proposals had been misinterpreted.

In a statement posted on Facebook a spokesperson said the new powers had yet to be approved by the council’s Cabinet, with a decision to take place on June 22, adding: “If they agree at their meeting it will mean a Fixed Penalty of £100 can be issued to people who choose not to change their behaviour in response to a Community Protection Notice.

“The Community Protection Notice can be used to help deal with a range of problems.

“An example of a problem that was raised by a local councillor is where someone is reportedly putting out excessive amounts of food in their garden on a regular basis which then attracts a lot of birds that cause a nuisance to their neighbours.

“The evidence that those problems are in existence will also be needed before any action will be taken.

“Where problems are identified, anybody involved will usually be contacted informally and given the opportunity to resolve the matter before any formal action is taken.

“The powers are not there to stop people feeding birds.”

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