Bewl Water shares advice on protecting your pet

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With hot temperatures showing no sign of cooling down and the potential risk of toxic algae blooms developing in sheltered areas of open water, you’ll want to ensure your dog is healthy.

Bewl Water has published some helpful advice on how dogs can stay safe during the summer months. Howard Mackenzie, Estate Manager at Bewl reservoir in Lamberhurst, said: ‘It is great to see so many families and dog owners enjoying themselves, but it’s important they remember some key safety tips.

‘Don’t leave your pet inside a parked vehicle for any length of time, even with a small amount of ventilation dogs can very quickly become dehydrated and unwell. It’s also essential to ensure it stays well hydrated and that’s why at Bewl we provide a number of free water bowls.

‘Owners should also avoid walking their dog during the hottest parts of the day and if you are near the open water please don’t allow your pet to swim in it or drink from the water’s edge. This is because during spells of hot weather toxic algae blooms develop in sheltered areas of water which can be fatal to dogs if they swim in it.’

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