Bewl Water prepares to welcome back anglers as trout fishing season returns

Anglers will soon be back on the hunt for their catch of the day as South East England’s largest reservoir, Bewl Water re-opens for trout fishing next Wednesday (March 15).

The new season follows a two-week rest period after winter predator fishing ended on a high note on February 28.

At the reservoir’s lowest point, water levels sat at 37 per cent, but drastically increased at the beginning of this year.

Now at 96 per cent, conditions have greatly improved for the angling community which sees over 3,000 fishermen visit annually.

‘The season has finished with a flourish’ said Ray French, a regular at Bewl Water.

‘They [Bewl Water] go into overdrive to ensure the new season is ready, willing, and able to provide a cracking first week for us all – open day is always a ‘frenzied rush’ he explained.

With just one week to go, the 770-acre reservoir which straddles the Kent/Sussex border is busy preparing its waters as it restocks and repairs the fishing boat fleet.

54 boats and their engines have been serviced, cleaned, and overhauled, whilst life jacket services have been carried out in line with required safety measures.

Over the coming days, 6,000 prime trout in three deliveries are to be stocked at Rosemary Lane, Hook Straight and Main Bowl, where Bewl Water will trickle stock using a tank of water and oxygen.

This method will provide anglers with trout in more remote areas of the reservoir, promising plenty of fish in time for opening week.

Both novice and experienced fishermen are welcome to enjoy fly fishing or any method, with options to catch and release trout or take them home to eat.

Young children are also welcome and can fish free of charge when accompanying an adult’s permit, which can be purchased at, where tickets and boat hire can also be pre-booked.

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