Bert the unstoppable Pickering supporter

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Eight-year-old Bert Dicker was thrilled to receive his Honorary Volunteer and Young Fundraiser badge from Polly Taylor, co-founder of the Pickering Cancer Drop-in Centre, after his remarkable efforts to raise money for the local charity.

He has become a keen fundraiser since he was presented with a box of chocolates by Ms Taylor last Christmas.

He decided to sell the confectionery to local businesses and returned to the centre on Monson Road, Tunbridge Wells, later that day with a £30 donation.

He then decided to join in his father Toby’s charity cycle ride, which was also raising money for the Pickering Centre and Cancer Research UK. The 1,400km bike trek across Europe over ten days contributed £63,000 to the two charities, including £23,000 for the Pickering Centre.

Bert’s next charitable venture was selling wristbands at the Mead School and raising over £300 from his fellow pupils and teachers.

“Bert is a remarkable young man and we are so grateful for his enthusiasm and all his hard work on behalf of Pickering,” said Ms Taylor.

His fundraising has reached £1,500 so far.

Now he is organising a 50-mile charity bike ride for early next year and is excited to continue the work into 2017 and beyond.

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