Barking Mad provides dogs with their own feelgood holiday home

1066 Tonbridge High Street 4

A company in Tunbridge Wells is giving people the chance to dog-sit while their owners are on holiday.

Barking Mad’s scheme will appeal to those who have always wanted a dog but have been concerned that they would not be able to devote the time to look after them, or the money to cater for their needs.

It also provides a solution for dog owners who do not wish to put their beloved pet in an impersonal kennel – or cannot afford the fees.

There are further benefits for the hosts, since the project can be an ideal way of tackling loneliness.

Not only does the dog keep them company, but there are also organised events for Barking Mad’s customers.

Paul Smith set up the project after travelling widely – and discovering how difficult it can be to find someone to look after your pet while you are away.

Paul will set up the ‘dog holiday’ himself, making sure it is safe, insured and easy to participate in without any cost involved.

As a dog holiday host, you provide a loving environment where your visitor relaxes and feels at home.

He will attend to the cost, administration and transport, while all the host has to provide is regular exercise and companionship.

lf you would like to become a host for Barking Mad, contact Paul on 01892 800933 or email

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