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That’s the only way to describe last week’s full meeting of Tunbridge Wells Borough Council. Word reaches Calverley about the first appearance in the public gallery of one Robert Chris, the new Chairman of the political party the Alliance.

He’s the man with the sole mission of stopping the £90million Calverley Square theatre complex being built on his doorstep, and here’s apparently what he did…

• Insisted on addressing the Council Chamber from the gallery no less than seven times on various issues.

• More than once overran the three minutes allowed for comment from the public gallery.

• Barracked a Tory councillor with shouts along the lines of ‘not true’ and ‘rubbish’ when he disagreed with a point being made.

• Expressed the view that others should listen to him because he has a doctorate in climate change.

• Repeatedly broke with protocol in the Chamber by whispering orders into the ears of his elected Alliance councillors.

• Eventually, the Mayor ordered him to stop. And it seems not before time.

As one observer later recounted over a
large brandy:
“Mr Chris – sorry Dr Chris – is clearly not a man hindered by self doubt or any respect for freedom of speech.”

Interesting times ahead…


can be so cruel, as evidenced by this scene outside school gates. Dad turns up to collect his son when a young lad trots up and asks: “Are you Simon’s dad?” When told this is correct, he responds: “Wow, you must be really old with all that grey hair.” Dad is in his late 40s. Young mums standing nearby turn away to hide their smiles.


that’s the only word to describe the actions of two senior police officers, one of whom was involved in a bungled operation that saw an unarmed suspect shot dead. The pair, said to be in a relationship, exchanged almost 100 personal text messages in a single day – the day of the operation, according to media reports. The story speaks volumes about the impact of social technology on daily lives. Mind you, moves to curb its use at work will probably provoke claims of denial of human rights. Pass the smelling salts.


will know that Calverley has deep concerns about the ongoing slipshod use of the English language. This week’s moan is about the word ‘gonna’. Even TV presenters are using it when talking about people ‘going to’ get a ticket, or whatever. It’s gonna drive Calverley mad! Or make him even more mad.

Chin Chin, dear reader

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