A new Royal sculpture for Tunbridge Wells

Calverley House

VISITORS to The Pantiles looked on in amazement yesterday as a nine foot high sculpture was lowered into the historic promenade by crane yesterday afternoon (May 16).

Crafted by the Queen’s own commissioned sculptor Tessa Campbell Fraser, Polar Dance was previously on display at the Natural History Museum in London.

Measuring 7.8ft in length by 3.9ft in width and 9.3ft in height it is supposed to symbolise the relationship between nature and mankind, the battle against global warming, embracing nature and offering it protection.

The sculpture is made of solid bronze, the preferred medium of Mrs Campbell Fraser, whose other works to go on display in the town included a sculpture of Her Majesty’s favourite racehorse Estimate during the SEEART fair almost a year ago.

Her connection with Tunbridge Wells stems from her professional relationship with the Pantiles-based Beumée art gallery whose owner, Susan Beumee, is a representative of the sculptor.

A public celebration to mark the installation of the sculpture, which is on an indefinite loan but with bi-annual break clauses, will take place on the evening of June 14 from 5pm – 9pm.

Schools are being invited to write a poem about the Polar Bear and Dancer and the winning poem will be placed next to the sculpture.

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