A Corbyn win would mean £6,000 hit on Tunbridge Wells households

The party also warned that a Lib Dem or independent vote could result in Corbyn being Prime Minister by the weekend.

Tories believe that Labour’s spending bill would add £4,000 a year per household in Tunbridge Wells; residents would also see monthly mortgage payments increase by over £2,000 a year and the town would expect more job losses than other towns. A total of £6,000.

More than 50,000 people across Tunbridge Wells and the surrounding area are expected to vote at the General Election tomorrow [Thursday]. That’s about seven out of every ten of the electorate.

All 45 polling stations will be open from 7am till 10pm with the result expected to be announced in the early hours of Friday.

In the Tunbridge Wells Parliamentary Constituency, which has been Tory since its inception in 1974, voters have a choice between five candidates; Conservative, Labour, Lib Dem and two Independents.

The new analysis says the reason for the hit on Tunbridge Wells is the fact that the town and borough have, on average, higher incomes than other parts of the country.

The town also has higher property prices and jobs concentrated in the sectors of business and financial services, hotels, restaurants and retailing, which would be worst affected by Labour’s programme.

Tunbridge Wells Conservative candidate and former Business Secretary Greg Clark told the Times:

“Corbyn’s programme would be a smash and grab attack on Tunbridge Wells. Our reliance on private sector jobs, high property prices and higher incomes than other parts of the country make us especially exposed to the Corbyn-McDonnell agenda.

“A Corbyn-led government would increase taxes to record levels, raise interest rates to stave off a run on the pound, and frighten off employers with a compulsory confiscation of 10% of every business with at least 250 employees.”

Mr Clark said that a hung parliament would make Corbyn Prime Minister by the weekend.
He added:”A vote for the Liberal Democrats has the same effect as a vote for Labour: without a Conservative majority, Jeremy Corbyn enters Downing Street.”

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