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For many employees, working from home over the Christmas break is more convenient and avoiding the commute for a few days is greatly appreciated. There were 4.2 million UK home workers in the first three months of 2014, amounting to 13.9% of the workforce, In fact recent studies have shown that employees are more productive when working from home allowing greater focus and flexible hours, whilst remote working seems logical in this circumstance, many employers don’t agree with their main concern being loss of control. They lose direct oversight of employees with remote working and because they cannot witness productivity first hand they often feel uncomfortable at the thought.

There are now several cloud based technologies available to help employees stay in touch remotely, they also allow management to keep a watchful eye. In recent years cloud technologies such as Office 365, Hosted Telecoms and SharePoint have enabled effective out of office working platforms, allowing employees to access company files and data in the same way you can if you were sat in the office.

Microsoft Office 365 enables cloud based project coordination between colleagues and acts as a seamless collaborative workspace across all devices, allowing easy files sharing and a powerful conference and communication platform.

Hosted telecoms also lends itself to remote working allowing employees to connect to the company phone system by plugging there laptops or phones to their home internet allowing them to make and receive calls as if they are in the office, integrated call logging and call recording allows managers to monitor productivity and quality.

Integrating any of these cloud based solutions to your existing setup should be straight forward and quick to set up. Infinity can help select the right cloud solution for your specific business needs together with design, implementation and ongoing support not just for now but for the future.


1: Access anywhere – access to cloud solutions across multiple devices including Windows, Apple, Linux, smartphones and tablets makes collaboration easy.

2: Scalability – The scalability of the cloud collaboration solutions provides the ability to start off small and add on features at an affordable cost.

3: Security – Most cloud solutions can now provide enterprise-grade security from virus protection through to comprehensive data encryption, transfer and storage.

So if you are an employer, consider the benefits of employee cloud based collaboration for your business. And if you are an employee think about easily you can now stay in touch with the team remotely.

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