Up your style stakes with Charlie Bond

Up your style stakes with Charlie Bond

I love this time of year – partly because it’s (generally) sunnier and warmer, which means people are (generally) in better moods, but also because celebration season has finally arrived.

Every year it sneaks up on us and suddenly every weekend is taken up with a wedding, christening, day at the races or a fancy garden party. And every year the ‘what am I going to wear?’ panic sets in, while we frantically scour every online retailer looking for ten different outfits to achieve the wow factor.

Marks and Spencer pure linen jumpsuit £69 www.marksandspencer.com

In the past I’ve definitely been guilty of doing just that; in one year I had eight – yes eight – weddings to attend, and the fear of being spotted in the same outfit multiple times meant I spent several pretty pennies on a whole load of dresses I’d never wear again.

But, don’t be fooled into thinking you need to do the same – you don’t. One of my most worn outfits is a black jumpsuit, which I’ve managed to recycle multiple times, just by accessorising it differently. It’s amazing how different something can look just by adding a piece of statement jewellery, a bold jacket or an unusual clutch bag.

Hobbs Polly dress £329 www.hobbs.co.uk

As for patterned or brightly coloured items, it’s not as easy to sneak these under the multiple wears radar, so I have two tips:

1 Embrace it – bold and bright is brilliant and who cares how many times you wear something? I guarantee you’ll get compliments every time you’re spotted in it, so go with it!

2 Consider how you can dress it down, so that you can work it into your everyday wardrobe. Even items you’d consider to be ‘formal’ can be made casual with the addition of a leather jacket, some white chunky trainers and a straw bag.

Most of all, dressing for occasions is half the fun of the celebration itself, so embrace it – who doesn’t love an excuse to look and feel fabulous for a day after all?!

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