Travel to: Corfu

Travel to: Corfu

12th June 2018

Corfu is one of the most idyllic islands in Greece, studded with whitewashed houses and an incredible history. Since the 8th Century Corfu has been celebrated for its strategic location, which can still be seen today in the ancient remains of Venetian fortresses and Greek temples. Still recognisable from Homer's Odyssey, the island has a rich tapestry of stories to tell.




Although renowned as a key Greek island destination for the summer season, Corfu can be enjoyed year-round. A green and pleasant island, thanks to the changing seasons, the cooler climates of spring and autumn make for ideal trekking weather and less crowded accommodation. For sun worshippers highs of 32 during peak season are perfect to celebrate the summer!


In the early days of ancient Greece, Corfu was known to be a place for intellectuals and artists to gather and learn from each other. From Cervantes to Casanova, Nero to Richard the Lionheart, Solomos to Oscar Wilde, Samaras and Mantzaros to the Beatles, Linton to Edward Lear, and Shakespeare's Tempest to the Durrells, all have gathered in Corfu. As a continuation of this tradition, Corfu enjoyed the inaugural Corfu Literary Festival this year to celebrate the passion that the Greeks and the British share for the arts. The event took place at MarBella Corfu hotel, with plans to make this an annual event in the Corfiot calendar. In addition, visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Corfu Old Town, to view cobblestone streets and pastel-coloured Venetian architecture or the commanding 15th-century Old Fortress which rises above the harbour.

Idyllic Accommodations

Marbella Corfu

Corfu has a range of accommodation suitable for both families and adults only looking for a romantic break away. For one of the most beautiful locations on the island try Agios Ioannis Peristeron beach, surrounded by olive groves with a glorious beach front offering. This area is home to the recently renovated MarBella Corfu a perfect family offering with robotics clubs, splash park and a vast range of activities and the brand new MarBella Nido. Nido is an adults-only offering and the hotel name Nido derives from the Italian meaning 'nest'. MarBella Nido offers a cosy and intimate atmosphere with a blend of Corfiot heritage and stylish comfort whilst echoing Corfu's natural charm, making guests feel at home during their stay. Both properties provide luxurious accommodation with easy access to Corfu Town. Enjoy the scenery, service and beautiful sea approximately a half hour's journey from the bustle of the town.�

Natural Wonders

Corfu is known for its rugged mountains and beautiful shoreline which are home to a myriad of wildlife and nature. Corfiot nature has been written about by many famous authors including of course Gerald Durrell, who lived on Corfu as a child and wrote several books about it, most recently showcased in the BBC series The Durrells. The biodiversity both above and below the sea is astounding and one key event for nature lovers is the chance to watch an amazing advent of flamingos at the wetlands of Alikes Lefkimmis or Chalikouna Beach. For about four months, flamingos make their presence felt in the shallow waters of the lagoon and the former Salt Lake, looking for food and shelter during their migration. Over the last two years, this hidden gem has been home to more than 4,000 flamingos.

Staying Active

From diving to hiking, windsurfing to sailing, if you are looking for an active holiday, Corfu has something for everyone. Wind and waves in abundance means water sports are a huge attraction. Looking to see a different side of Corfu? Try the Corfu Trail, established in 2001 and at 20 kilometres long, Corfu's long-distance walking route showcases the beauty and diverse landscapes of the island.

Links to Corfu are excellent with UK flights nationwide. London to Corfu direct flights run 57 times a week with a flight time of approximately 3 hours.

For more details on the accommodation options visit MarBella Corfu ( or MarBella Nido ( and for further details on Corfu see

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