Tobias Cornwell, Get Out of My Space, tells the Times all about this unique production

Tobias Cornwell, Get Out of My Space, tells the Times all about this unique production

Tobias Cornwell, founder of the immersive theatre group Get Out of My Space tells Eileen Leahy all about their production of Macbeth and why it promises to be a performance with a deeply dark difference…

So far, so predictable you might think but if you have ever been to a Get Out of my Space show you will know that this creative collective are far from predictable given their penchant for putting the audience right at the heart of all the action.

“The iconic Shakespearian masterpiece Macbeth will be done in a way like it’s never been done before,” teases the immersive theatre group’s founder Tobias Cornwell. 

“You will be transported straight to the battlefield itself, exposed to the thunder, lightning and rain, on the edge of Kingdom’s woodland, in Penshurst.”

Tobias adds that audiences will need to wrap up warm and bring their waterproofs because there will be no cosy theatre to hunker down in. Visitors will be a key part of the production.

“This is going to be a visceral, gut-wrenching and emotional display, exposed entirely to the elements, and we’re taking you with us on this journey,” continues Tobias.

“With only the best seats – the front row – available, we invite you to sit amongst the action itself. With the crown and Scotland on the line, this is no time to sit back and watch from a distance!” declares Tobias referencing the infamous wild and remote Scottish location for this tale of power at all costs.

Tobias goes on to say that upon arrival at Kingdom audiences will be handed a torch and with no other sources of light, it will be up to them to unveil this story from the darkness.

“You never know what’s lurking in the shadows and it’s up to you to find out what’s there. There are no rules, we have thrown out the play book, and the action could come from anywhere, so be alert at all times.”

Tobias says that Get Out Of My Space pride themselves on creating experiences which you can’t get from the TV in your living room.

“There’s only so much streaming services can offer you. With Macbeth we are giving you something real, something tangible, something you’ll never forget. After being cooped up for so long, we want to make you feel alive and free once again. Opportunities like this don’t come around often, so grab it with both hands.”

The alternative production will last approximately 1 hour 30 minutes with no interval.

“This is going to be punchy, packed and relentless. This will be like nothing you’ve ever seen. We are in this together – we are fighting as one. For one night only, we are all Scotland.”

Finally Tobias adds that if you’ve never seen a Shakespeare play live before, or you’ve been put off in the past, the company’s aim is to demonstrate just how stunning one of his shows can be.

“We are not howling to the skies, there is no self-indulgence, this story’s power comes in its simplicity: one man’s greed and ambition being his success and downfall. So if you’ve been tempted reading this then let me give you a gentle nudge… you won’t regret it.”

Macbeth runs from October 19-31st at Kingdom in Penshurst. Tickets start from £20.


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