The spy who loved…to dance

The spy who dance

OUR ethos at The London Ballet Company, since we were established seven years ago, has always been to produce original and modern ballets which mirror and further develop news, cultural or topical stories in order to pique public interest and bring new audiences to the world of ballet.

The production ’00 and His 7′, is a humorous spoof that was originally produced to coincide with the release of Skyfall, starring Daniel Craig – our first performance was even live-streamed in Ne York’s Broadway Theatre in 2012.

In the production, the dancers inhabit the suave, sophisticated world of international spies, glamorous girls, danger and intrigue created in the novels by Ian Fleming, which have since been transferred into celluloid history by a slew of memorable actors, including the inimitable Roger Moore, sadly recently deceased.

Whilst our particular 007 has a great deal in common with the hero of the Bond films, audiences will see that he may just find his work with Her Majesty’s Secret Service a little more difficult…

Yes, he is suave and debonair, but he is also under the thumb (that is to say the strict code of conduct and direction) of ‘M’ to uncover a diabolical plot to seize control of the world’s financial markets and bring the affluent countries to their knees.

BOND GIRLS 007 naturally falls for the charms of a woman

Our Bond’s mission – should he choose to accept it – is to uncover the criminal underworld. He does and soon, in hot pursuit following a tip-off, he finds himself in an exclusive club where he is entertained by glamorous dancing girls and falls for one in particular.

Diverted from his original reason for being there, 007 is slow to realise that a diamond thief has made off with the famous million-dollar necklace worn by one of the girls. He questions the girls, tensions rise, and after being left drugged and defenceless, audiences will wonder how our 007 will escape? Will he find the diamond necklace, unmask the villain, put an end to the diabolical plot, and – most importantly – will he get the girl?

If you come along to see our performance, you’ll see how we immerse the audience in the exciting world of James Bond. As well as lots of familiar music, the show includes mesmerising routines from our international choreographers Francesco Mangiacasale, Christian Carnio, and Rafal Minkiewicz. The London Ballet company is unique in its aim of nurturing its dancers and drawing from each of them individual experience, education and style to produce exciting and innovative productions such as this.

’00 and his 7′ is on at Trinity Theatre tomorrow [Thursday June 15] at 7.30pm. Tickets cost £15, or £13 for concessions. For more information, see



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