‘The grades awarded to our students are testament to their unwavering dedication’

Skinners’ Kent Academy students are celebrating receiving their International Baccalaureate Results. Eileen Leahy discovers more about this innovative educational programme that focuses on career-related learning…


Students at The Skinners’ Kent Academy have been awarded their International Baccalaureate Career-related programme (IBCP) results.

The IBCP is an innovative education programme tailored to those who want to focus on career-related learning. It offers a unique educational experience that is an alternative to traditional GCSE and A levels.

Skinners’ Kent Academy (SKA) is the only non-selective local school to offer its students the opportunity to study for the IBCP.

Over their two-year course, the current crop of Year 13s at SKA engaged in a variety of subjects such as Mathematics, Chemistry, Film, Social & Cultural Anthropology, and Geography, while also completing a reflective project and participating in community service learning.

A spokesperson for the co-educational all-ability school in Sandown Park, near Pembury, said that students have already been offered numerous university places to study a range of courses.

“These include Physics at Imperial College London, Accounting & Finance at the London School of Economics, Musical Theatre and Dance at the BIMM Institute and Law with Business at the University of Exeter,” explained the SKA spokesperson.

Commenting further on this year’s results, the school’s Principal Hannah Knowles said: “This year’s Year 13 cohort faced unprecedented challenges with the cancellation of their GCSE exams due to the disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Consequently, this marks the first time many of them have experienced an external examination.

“The grades awarded to our students serve as a testament to their unwavering dedication and perseverance and we look forward to seeing how these outcomes will facilitate their future paths,
whether it involves pursuing higher education at renowned universities, embarking on apprenticeships or entering the workforce.”

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