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Calverley House

VERVE will be performing a thrilling quadruple bill of dance work, created by four international contemporary choreographers: Carlos Pons Guerras, James Cousins, Leila McMillan and Matthias Sperling. 

The production showcases the versatile skills of the dancers in four beautifully crafted short dance works and it’s a highly physical feast for the eyes.

The production is a great way to ‘dip your toe’ into the world of contemporary dance. Each short work has a distinct identity, showing a different approach to dance making. Carlos Pons Guerras work Rita is a theatrical, raucous delight.

The dancers are all dressed as nuns, with incredible skirts designed especially for the show. James Cousins work has an eclectic soundtrack, from French rap to Mozart, with stunning duets that take a lot of trust between the dancers.

Leila McMillan challenges the dancers to improvise sections of her work, while Matthias Sperling invites the audiences into a pseudo sci-fi looking world where the dancers continuously create movement and sound loops.

TALL ORDER James Cousins is another featured choreographer

It was such a pleasure to work with each choreographer and each one drew such exciting performances out of the dancers, in their own unique way. Carlos Pons Guerras’ own company DeNada Dance Theatre was nominated in the prestigious National Dance Awards this year, while


James Cousins was the winner of the inaugural Matthew Bourne New Adventures choreographer award. All four choreographers have growing international reputations.

We’re excited to put on this show because dance is an art form that can entertain, inspire and provoke thought and discussion. I feel it is so important in the world we live in right now to gather around live experiences, to discuss and debate, to be gently challenged and entertained in the company of others.

We have already toured many venues across the UK, including Manchester and Liverpool, and also performed in Salzburg. It is a pleasure to share our work with so many audiences, and hear what resonates with them – the reaction can be very different in each venue.

Next as Artistic Director of Verve, I have been programming the choreographers who will create work for us next year. I will also be making work for the company to perform next year and am very excited to get started on this. But before all that I am thrilled to be on tour with this incredible group of dancers – and to be bringing them to beautiful Tunbridge Wells.

Verve perform at Trinity on Friday May 12 at 7.30pm. Tickets cost from £13 and to book visit 

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